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Sometimes my brother and I get together to do some work or personal projects.


The Ballad of Grabblewich by Paul Healy

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I heard Paul’s poem at Big Life Cafe open mic. It is a wonderful poem for children, so full of magic, fantasy and weirdness that it left images dancing in my head. Water colours and ink.



Mamita Queen ESL homework

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Mi mother is taking ESL at a small School in North Vancouver. She was asked to do an essay and presentation about any topic of her own interest. She chose to talk about “Serenatas” (Serenades) so she asked me to do the posters and illustrations she needed for her homework.

An usual nickname for “Serenatas” is “Gallo” (Rooster) so this is what I made. Pencil crayons and ink on poster cardboard.

My mother also talk about the song “Las mananitas”, the song we sing instead of “Happy Birthday” I guess it was obvious what I was going to draw. Pencil crayons and ink on poster cardboard.

Mike and Nancy’s present

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I did this for my friends as a wedding present. Acrylics on canvas. (click on the canvas to see the full image)

Caro’s kid had a funny request

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My friend’s kid was turning 4 and really wanted that a dinosaur and the Black Fury from “How to train your dragon” could be part of the b-day party so this was what I drew (if you can call that thing I did a dinosaur)

Now that we are talking about old farts (dinosaurs) let me throw in another old fart who may be a relative