Portafolio sounds only appropriate if an iPad or some similar such is used to see this here page. Nevertheless the purpose of the permafolio is the same and here be syphoned into a convenient place (from many elsewheres within this site) those things I am less ashamed of and are more difficult to prove to be plagiarisms.

WWII Japanese navy captains for an iOS game. The project never saw fruition.

WWII Japanese navy captains.

A storyboard dummy for the intro of the aforementioned iOS game.

Storyboard sample.

A sample of a storyboard with non-sequential panels.

One of several monsters for a language learning book.


A postcard slash tiny game and below two illustrations for a book about management and recruiting.



Some personalities for another language learning book published in Ulaanbaatar.


Cartoon for the aforementioned book on recruitment.


Pen meanderings upon paper.

La conversacion

Mouse meanderings upon virtual canvas.


Brochure for the same company that solicited the illustrations for the recruitment book.


The storyboards and animatic of a personal project I had with my brother.

Page 01

Page 02

Page 03


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