A variety of work I did for different clients from Japan, Malaysia, England among other countries.

These first two were for an annual robot competition held in Mexico (hence the guns, maybe).

This was a brochure commissioned by a client from the U.K. for a “Recruitment & Selection” course.

One of the central characters of the English Language course books, commissioned by a school in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.

Another illustration for the English Language courses from the same school aforementioned.

Editorial layout for a book on management, selection and recruitment. I did only the illustrations, the design of the book was mainly done by my friend Arturo Piña.

A set of books for Business English, commissioned by the language school in Mongolia I mentioned.

(To see full image click on it).

This next one was a brochure for a client in the U.K.

Part of a poster for a 4-wheeled motorbike race sponsored by a Honda bikes reseller in Mexico.

Text book illustrations for learning Mongolian Language.

Part of that same poster for the motorbike race mentioned above.

English Language text books. Two more of the main characters of the book series.

One of the first robot competition poster illustrations I did. The theme of that year was “Cleaning Robots”. The first step into the enslavement that will drive robots to rebellion in the year 2047.

This Coyote was an assignment for the logo of what was going to be a Paintball Park in a city near the capital of Mexico. It was accepted, but the park never opened.

These were some proposals for a girls-only guide book for shopping and lounging at large that was going to focus on Thailand’s potential for pamperings and shopping frenzies (which are vast). They were not exactly rejected, just no one got around to quite accepting them.

This next one was a mascot commissioned by a Mongolian professional competition sharp shooter. This is the version without the Mongolian flag in it (and without the sombrero… somehow people shooting without sombrero just seems contrary to my traditional upbringing).

A monster for an English Language course book for kids. What is a book for kids without monsters in it if not an empty shell?

A CHristmas card for clients of the consulting company that commissioned it. And you can play an almost interesting game on top of it too (just one 6-sided die and a couple of buttons and you are good to go). This is the “uncensored” version, which is of course more interesting.

These 6 Japanese captains were character proposals for what was to be an iOS game about WWII on its Pacific war theatre, with an interesting twist. Like the Yamato, the game went down in the early stages of planning.

WWII Japanese navy captains.

These next cartoons appear on the tutorial for Open311, a software used among other things to report all sorts of problems to websites such as FixMyStreet.
I did all these cartoons while prostrated on what I thought to be my deathbed (pitty the software is not yet used on FixMyLumbarZone). In any case, under tremendous onerousness the cartoons made it to their digital destination. We cartoonist know the dangerous conditions we’ll encounter in our line of work, but if we don’t do it, who will? (Thanks to Dave for colouring the robot while I was playing chess with the angel of death).

Blu's blues.

Blu’s blues.

Blu's heartwarming reunification with her owner.

Blu’s heartwarming reunification with her owner.


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  1. Rene-grido Rene-cio Trenecito ,
    Me encanto ver trabajo nuevo tuyo 😉 o bueno nuevo para mi ya que no lo había visto 😉

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