Where the things Tolkien and D&D go.

And to complete the holy triad of Post-Apocalypse, Sci-Fi and Fantasy: Orc Citadel.

Elves. I never play them, I never buy books where they are the heroes, but for some bizarre reason they are almost all I do when I do anything on this setting.

I always wanted to do a dragon that looked like a cat fish. I think I never finished the illustration because I ran out of ink painting the bloody thing.

This simple sketch actually had a story more complex than itself; the dragon is supposed to be under the musical control of the little faun, who must remain hidden so the dragon won’t get angry at recognizing the trick, and it is under this musical spell that he is telling all there is about some secret or other to the questing party of perfectly mixed adventurers.

All people that draw fantasy of one kind or other have played an RPG at one moment in their lives. Be that the pen-and-paper kind or the video game one. And a vast chunk of those dreamt of making their own RPG. Here is the sketch of the mock cover of what was gloriously going to be my creation.

Too many Elves. Some Dwarves were sorely needed here. I’m hoping that “Step 4” on this sequence will come sometime soon, along with my new tablet, for colouring with a mouse is paint without a T.


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