When it is not inspired by D&D it is by Gamma World.

My first encounter with digital colouring.

Post-apocalyptic “Tube”. From the days I was not lazy to fill all those blacks with tiny lines.

A herd of centaurish mutants in unsuccessful water colour.

A fixation pattern emerges: Felines and the Post-apocalyptic world.

And felinoid centaurs.

Mutant action that have the enhancement of NOT having mutant felines on it. Defelinezation process progressing successfully.

Mutant Menageriè. From right to left (to break with tradition): Ialäm, Tatra, Quckta & Aikua (as if it isn’t obvious). Warning to the unwary hunter, animals are larger than they appear on this post.


2 Responses to “Post-Apocalyptic”

  1. Extrano el dibujo “Alla va el canijo”. El dedo era genial.

    • gracias primo por comentar, y que chistoso que lo mencionas, porque si ese dedillo era lo que hacia a ese dibujo genial. Si alguien dice “Alla va el canijo” yo pienso en el dedo ese.

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