Story Boards and Animatics

“La Neta de la vida en el planeta” Storyboards. Opening scenes (RR copyrights)

This was a personal project by my brother and myself. We managed to do all the storyboards and half of the animatic. Then the first Thai Anima, an animation competition held in Thailand, took place and we abandoned this longer effort for a more modest one called “Sounds of Autumn” so we could make the submission deadline. Still, we like this story so we may eventually return to it and finish it.

Page 01

Page 02

Page 03

And its corresponding Animatic:

This is just a mock storyboard using some non-sequential panels. I have no samples of my real work at the moment since there is a positional discrepancy between the real SBs and my person of about 17,834 Km. Maybe in the future I will post the real deal if I manage to shorten the discrepancy in question.

Storyboard sample.


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