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Raul Carbonell

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Email: huehueteotl(at)hotmail(dot)com

Location: I live in North Vancouver in the beautiful neighborhood of Deep Cove.


I was just a toddler when I watched my father and my brother drawing away and having fun with the cartoons they were making. I saw how much they were enjoying that I did not want to be left behind so I joined in and developed the skill.

Few years later when I was about 8 I discovered and watched Jason and the Argonauts and I was so blown away by Harryhausen’s skeletons battle that my love for animation was born.

The idea of becoming an animator did not consolidated until later in my life when the moon and the planets got aligned  and I had all was needed (money, language, etc.) to study up in North Vancouver at Cap College. I first did classical animation (hand drawn), which I still love; then 3D. A job I landed at Relic Entertainment took me in the direction of digital animation where, at present time, my career is at.

In this section you will find some of the work I’ve done throughout the years. Sometimes for fun, some other times for work and on other occasions just because the hand keeps moving by itself without telling the brain why. Hope you enjoy my art and animations as much as I do.

Please do not forget to visit the “Diary” section in our blog to see more of my drawings.


Self portrait “A sad attempt” – Pastel Colours