Video Games Industry

Raul Carbonell. Video Games Demo reel 2017

Most of the characters in this demo I rigged, skinned and animated.

Demo reel 2017 from Raul CP on Vimeo.

This pre-visualization and conceptual demo reel 2017 was created to show some of the work behind the scenes. The stage of production where you are constantly looking for how the intro to a game looks like, what is the personality of the characters, etc. In other words the overall exploration of the game.

Demo reel PreVis 2017 from Raul CP on Vimeo.

Promotional Video for “Baamageddon” (one of the characters in the mobile game MonstroCity) that a handful of us worked on at Alpha Dog Games.
Art Director: Shawn Woods
Sound, video editing and post production: Luke Rideout
Environments, lighting, modeling and texturing: Ji Hyun Kim
FX Artist and over all support: Matt Englehart
Character, environment, props and lights animation: Raul Carbonell

The next two videos are the deconstruction of the “Baamageddon” Animated trailer.
Based on the 2D animatic we created a 3D animatic to serve as a visual guidance for the Environment and FX Artists, and provide content for the editor .
Everything at this stage was place holders.


Art Direction: Shawn Woods
First pass sound and editing: Luke Rideout
First pass cameras, environment, lights and animation: Raul Carbonell

All environment assets were taken from Ji Hyun’s work.

MonstroCity PromoVid 3D Animatic from Raul CP on Vimeo.

2D animatic. In this case I did everything, from story boards to rough sound and editing.

MonstroCity PromoVid 2D Animatic from Raul CP on Vimeo.

Games shipped      Contribution: Animation (in-game and cinematics)



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