Here you have some sketches from my journal. I will also attempt to re-do some of the drawings that were lost, when my 2 year traveling diary was taken away from my home in Mexico by an unknown dodgy individual. So let’s get started with one of those:


The temple of Prambanan. Jogyakarta, Java. Indonesia 1994. Just thinking about this impressive moment it gives me goose bumps, I wish the drawing could transmit that same feeling. Sadly it is not even close to do so.

Although I have never been in neither Northern Nigeria or Southern Niger, I always found fascinating the male beauty pageant that happens among the  nomad group Wodaabe so I made this drawing. I am planning one day to see this contest live, so let’s cheat and jump to the future and consider it within my travels.


This concept was inspired by Arches National Park in Utah. when I was there in 1999. Ink


Penang, Malaysia 2003.


Melaka, Malaysia 05, 2003

Bangkok, Thailand. 2004 – Sketchbook composition. Pen, pencil and sepia pencil crayon.


From my journal. Angkor Wat, Siem Reap. Cambodia 2004. Black pencil crayon and pencil


Canal Lachine – Montreal – Pencil 2005

Boat-houses along the Chao Phraya (The main river) Bangkok, Thailand. 1997. Pen.

Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal. 2005. Charcoal on news print paper.


5 Responses to “Traveling”

  1. Raul the drawings are gorgeous. I especially like the last one.

    • Thank you Hansee. I am glad you like the Melaka one, it actually was very nice stay. The first time I saw Melaka was from the distance, we were sailing through the Strait of Malacca on our way to Thailand, and we could see that it was a beautiful city. So years later I have to come back to see it from within and it was as picturesque as I had imagined. I was happy I made it back to Melaka.

  2. René, Raul! No sé si se acuerdan, soy Claudia, una alemana que ustedes conocieron de paso cuando estaban viajando hace muuuchos años por estos rumbos (amiga de Astrid, hermana de Karen), creo que en el 1996. Se quedaron unos dias en la casa de mis papas. Acabo de encontrar una postal que tu nos mandaste René desde Tailandia y me regalaron pedro páramo! En todo caso, estoy viviendo hace 4 años en el DF. Por si viven todavia en México, igual nos vemos algún dia? Un abrazo! Claudia

  3. Hi Raul . Your drawings are great as ever !! Your talent is awesome !! I am glad to know that you are still doing what you love. Any drawings from our old time in Japan…..remember ?? Ciao.

    • ANGELO GIOCONDI !!!! what a great pleasure mate, how can I forget about all those great people I met on my travels, you really kicked in to my nostalgia. Thank you so much for your compliments ok let me write you to your email… to be continue…

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